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Now is the best time
to work on the future

You want to build a better future, we help you find out how.

We know you’ve had your fair share of brainstorming, workshops, endless round table sessions and biased consultancy input. That’s why we crafted a faster and more enjoyable way to make breakthroughs happen. With carefully curated table guests to think along, superb hosting and expert facilitation. Tailored to your specific situation. Whether you already have a clear impact strategy but want to grow your impact even more, or you are really excited to get started but don’t quite know where to start.


What is the breakthrough you need?

Future vision

In a rapidly changing world, we challenge you to articulate your vision of the future. Having a clear formulated vision enables you to pursue your dreams, achieve your goals and build a stronger relationship with your customers. Unfortunately, you can’t solve all world problems. Some SDGs (UN sustainable development goals) are a better fit to you than others. We will help you find your niche.

Table of 10 brings outside perspectives to the table. We invite trendwatchers, philosophers and artists to help you envision the future. We use strategizing methods that help build scenarios and choose the vision that fits your organisation.

your role and purpose

Building a green, healthy and fair future is something you can’t do alone. We help you find your role in the ecosystem you perform in. We bring different actors and stakeholders together and jointly look where we can make breakthroughs. Make a change in the system. By clearly defining your own role as an organisation and taking responsibility for it, you give your organisation the purpose and energy to go for it.

Table of 10 understands that stakeholders within a system may have contrasting point of views. Building a better future is not an easy feat. By bringing system actors together around a table in an unexpected setting by using facilitation tools that open up barriers and perspectives on the system, the roles in it may shift. In these settings, it is all about details. Invitations should be open and without bias, the setting should feel safe and the conversations must be carefully guided. We know how.

Ideas and concepts

Finding innovative and creative opportunities on how to materialize a better future is better done together. Collecting breakthrough ideas, building original concepts, coming up with wild cards that can shape your innovations, your campaigns, your interactions with customers and stakeholders is the result we aim for.

Table of 10 is going for the unexpected here. The table sessions that we organise for these challenges are tantalising, open unknown doors in the minds of the table guests and have the energy to create beyond the expected. We bring together exciting combinations of guests, choose thought-provoking locations and build an atmosphere that bursts of creativity.

Making it happen!

There’s a time of envisioning, strategizing and ideating opportunities. But nothing exists until it materialised into something real. Test, experiment, prototype, build, write and bring into existence those opportunities that help to bring your vision to live.

Table of 10 can organise design sprints for you, can link you to creative agencies, producers, product innovators or coach your organisation to make your envisioned future a reality.