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When people, place and purpose align,
we believe magic can happen

We know how to combine the art of curating,
hosting and facilitating. That’s why our
table sessions always lead to an
unexpected outcome.


We offer insights from a colourful, handpicked collection of original makers and thinkers instead of your usual team. We combine people with a deep understanding of your impact challenge and people who are able to step out of the matter to view things from a different perspective. Together, they fill in your blind spots and surprise you with fresh perspectives and new ideas.


We like to stimulate not only the left side of your brain but also the right side. We believe this is crucial for the outcome of our efforts. Therefore, we design unique and creative surroundings in which our sessions take place, whether it is offline or online. Every detail of our mise en scene has the purpose to surprise, to move, to open, to guide and to engage.


What we enjoy most is to unleash creativity in a group and arrive at unexpected insights and fresh perspectives. To get there, we use a broad toolkit of methods taken from Design Thinking, The Art of Hosting, Theory U, Liberated Structures and Design Sprinting. We adapt our approach to your specific challenge, the group dynamics and the purpose of the session.

Our Table guests:

Thanks to our extensive network, and the network of our network, we have access to a diverse group of artists, scientists, advertising specialists, philosophers, activists and experts who are eager to use their brainpower for the greater good.