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If people, place and purpose align,
we believe magic can happen.

Innovative ideas and insights rarely arise in a usual setting, with the usual suspects. Sometimes you need to zoom out and zoom in and let others guide you to unknown places. Where the unusual suspects are invited and the setting is full of wonder. This is where we come in.


We offer insights from a colourful, handpicked collection of original makers and thinkers instead of your usual team. We combine people with a deep understanding of your impact challenge and people who are able to step out of the matter to view things from a different perspective. Together, they fill in your blind spots and surprise you with multi spectral fresh perspectives and new ideas.


As part of our impact sprint, we design a unique dinner experience in an out of the ordinary setting where every detail serves the purpose of finding the right elements to help you on your impact quest.


Our unique impact sprint is a catalyst for positive change. We translate the outcomes of our table session into a creative and collaborative concept that moves your impact policies and projects from ambition to action. Together we make positive change happen!

Our Table guests:

Thanks to our extensive network, and the network of our network, we have access to a diverse group of artists, scientists, advertising specialists, philosophers, activists and experts who are eager to use their brainpower for the good.

After completing the first part of our process, the entrée, we’ll start inviting the people who we believe are most suitable for the challenge at hand. Precise curation ensures that all essential knowledge is at the table in connection with creative minds and practical thinkers for a multi spectral outcome.

Two of the ten table guests we invite are representatives of the client. These guests become co-owners of the gained insights and ideas and will be empowered to take these insights back to their organisation.