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Table of 10 uses a unique impact sprint method, taking between six to eight weeks to deliver a concept conceived by 10 original thinkers and makers.

We develop concepts to create awareness around your impact policies and projects, activate people and invite them to participate. Our aim is to encourage your employees, customers and relevant stakeholders to change their behaviour and guide them towards more sustainable choices. By tapping into the creative capacity of 10 different, smart and independent brains, using elements from systems thinking and design thinking, we believe we can touch a deeper layer of understanding on how to move the system and make your social or sustainable ambitions successful.

We roughly divide our process into three phases, which we call the entree, main course and dessert.

The Entrée

is our strategic discovery phase. We listen to the your needs and wishes, look into the barriers and possibilities, collect facts and figures and place it into context to formulate a clear question that will work up an appetite for the main course.

The Main course

is a memorable session. A magical evening with a colourful collection of the smartest makers and thinkers; artists and philosophers, entrepreneurs and scientists, clients and stakeholders. Handpicked for your challenge. Collectively, they will chew on your challenge in a unique setting.

The Dessert

is where it all comes together. With the input of the table session, and together with our clients, we further develop the ideas and map ways to put them into practice. Our goal is a sweet finale; an impact boosting concept with a practical roadmap that results in action.

After the dessert, we can help you with the implementation of the concept, deploying our extensive network for any relevant next steps.

What we offer is:

Access to a broad range of creative thinkers, makers, artists and changemakers who are eager to use their brainpower for the good

A curated group of Table guests, handpicked for your challenge, who will work on the challenge with honesty, focus and dedication

A razor-sharp definition of this challenge, put in context and free of assumptions and dominant thinking

A “magical evening” at the core of the process, where creativity can flow freely.

A memorable experience from the first meeting to the final handover for everyone involved.

Resulting in a collection of fresh perspectives and breakthrough ideas

Ensuring ownership, engagement and a concrete action plan that put companies on the way forward to making positive impact in the world