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We want to build a healthy, green and fair future together with businesses, governments and other organisations.

We have crafted a way to help you find your unique approach to build a better future. Combining the creative power of original and independent thinkers and makers, out of the ordinary hosting and expert facilitation.


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“I love watching someone’s “aha” moment of insight. Suddenly there is a small gasp, the eyes light up, and they are off and running into a new direction. That’s what makes Table of 10 unique. They create the conditions for these moments to happen.”

Kees Zegers
Serial internet entrepreneur of, among others,, EarthToday

“Retreating beyond your limits is not the solution to global problems. Connecting and collaboration is.” (Volkskrant)

Feike Seibesma
Former CEO of, amongst others, DSM

“Leaders must create environments that make it easier for others to display good behavior.” (MT next generation leadership)

Fons Trompenaars
Organisational theorist

“I was impressed. With this group of people, with the initiative and with the organisation.” (Adformatie)

Alain du Jardin
Creative director & Partners at Greenberry. Author at Adformatie

“I experienced the phenomenon of ‘diversity breeds’ in person. New insights, special solutions and wonderful new contacts ensure that you cycle home singing, after a Table session. And I’m only talking about the effect it has on you. Let alone the rest of the people present and society. Table of 10 is an absolute must for anyone wanting to be part of positive change.”

Zwier Veldhoen
Creative director

“In addition to the existing stakeholders, it is good to be inspired by someone with a discipline that is far from yours. It is about learning and inspiring, different perspectives that lead to new insights. Table of 10 applies this model. A menu that leads to inspiration and interaction.” (Vanspeijkprijs)

Marja Ruigrok
Entrepreneur of, among others, Ruigrok Netpanel